Sunday, January 2, 2011

Powertek Precision Cordless screwdriver set by Husky Tools Review

In a departure from the products I typically review on MNT, I was sent a 13-Piece Powertek Precision Cordless screwdriver set by Husky Tools to review.

I figured the perfect time to review a cordless screwdriver was at Christmas when I'm putting together toys!

Husky Tools has a number of under-$20 tools available at Home Depot.

I have to admit when this showed up in the mail I wasn't quite sure what it was. (At first I thought maybe it was a surprise gift from one of my sponsors that also sells "tools" that often require batteries.) Obviously, I figured it out.

  You can get a decent idea of the size of it in this picture. 

Here is some info from the company about the screwdriver.

13-Piece Powertek™ Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set - ($9.88)

* Easy to Grip, Soft Touch, Forward and Reverse Precision Cordless Screwdriver Set

* Ideal for Toys, Electronics, Eyeglasses, Hobbies, Crafts and More
* Contains 12 Multiple Use Mini Bits with a Single Tool Design
* Includes Easy Use Bit Storage Case
* Ready to Use with 2 - AAA Batteries

*Guaranteed Forever

Initially I was underwhelmed. It felt very light and bit flimsy. You also have to provide the batteries. I didn't immediately grasp that because it's a "precision" set it its for smaller jobs and uses mini-bits. I first tried to use it to put together a wooden fire house for Kiel, that requires regular size screws to be screwed into wood. It took about two tries before I set it aside and was using our regular rechargeable screwdriver for that job.  

The next day however, I needed something to open up the battery compartment on one of Kiel's cars so I figured I'd give it another try. It worked beautifully! And that was when I really looked at it and the size of the bits. Duh! Mini-bits!

We've used it several times in the past week to open and close battery compartments and it is great. The bits are the perfect size and the power provided in forward and reverse is good. 

The set comes with 12 mini-bits. I have no idea what I would use the majority of the bits for, but as long as it has the three or four that I would use who cares, right? The storage "case" holds the bits and also allows the screwdriver to stand upright in the middle of it. I like that because I have it on my kitchen counter where I keep my pens and other odds and ends, and it is easy to find. 

Husky Tools provided me with this set. All opinions are my own.


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