Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blow it out your nose - a SinuSense review

Ten years ago if you asked me what I wouldn't travel without I probably would have told you my hairdryer and curling iron.

Now, I won't travel without my sinus wash.

I know, I'm sounding old. But I sure do enjoy having clear sinuses!

Recently MomSelect and Waterpik offered me the chance to try out Waterpik's new SinuSense line of products, including their SinuSense Squeeze Bottle and SinuSense Neti Bottle.

I've been using a fairly traditional form of the Neti pot for the last year, but I was open to trying some other options so I said yes.

First, let me tell you that if you aren't doing some form of nasal/sinus rinse and you have sinus issues, you really should try it. It was a little strange the first time but once I got over the fear that it was going to hurt (It doesn't!) or I was going to choke or inhale it (I didn't, just make sure you breathe through your mouth when you use it.) it was really kind of cool.

I know it sounds gross, but I actually get a kick seeing how much crap I can get out of my sinuses some days. I've never been that great at blowing my nose and usually feel like my congestion is further back in my sinuses than I can easily blow out. The sinus rinse gets in further and cleans more out than I could ever blow out on my own.

(I wish I could get my husband to try it. He's chronically congested and of course snores like a rough engine at night because of it.)

Waterpik SWS 360 Sinusense Squeeze Bottle Includes 60 Soothing Saline Packs With Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus, Blue

Waterpik SinuSense™  Squeeze Bottle- allows you to customize the amount of water flow for a complete cleanse, simply with an easy squeeze. The SoftSeal™ nozzle maximizes comfort and the One-Way FlowControl™ valve prevents backflow to maintain solution purity.

Waterpik SWN 460 Sinusense Neti Bottle Includes 60 Soothing Saline Packs With Aloe Vera and Eucalyptus, Blue      Waterpik SinuSense™  Neti Bottle- a unique approach to the traditional neti pot; its ergonomic shape, SoftSeal™ nozzle and One-Touch FlowControl™ valve make the Neti Bottle easy to hold, comfortable against your nose and creates a controlled gravity-fed water flow that provides a gentle sinus cleansing.

One of the issues I have with the traditional Neti pot is that they aren't sealed, at least the one I had wasn't. It was very much like a tiny tea pot without a lid. Since you add a packet of saline salts to the water, I typically ended up using my finger to mix it up since the cat was always stealing the little spoon that came with it and I could never find it.

With the SinuSense products you remove the nozzle, fill the bottle, then replace the nozzle, which allows me to shake it to mix in the saline powder. (It's the little things people, I'm lazy, I admit it.)

I used both the Neti bottle and the squeeze bottle for a month and I think I prefer the squeeze bottle over the Neti bottle, but by a small margin. I'd really like to try the Water Pulsator since it sounds like it is a bit more aggressive in how it cleanses, now that I'm an experienced nasal cleaner. *snicker*

You can check out the Waterpik site to read more about their SinuSense line and the health benefits of a sinus wash.

MomSelect and Waterpik provided me with the products. All opinions are my own.