Monday, October 19, 2009

"The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit" DVD review

 I received a review copy of The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit DVD several weeks ago. Since my boys aren't big Strawberry Shortcake fans, OK, since they aren't fans at all, I gave the copy to one of my coworkers who has two girls (3 1/2 and 6 years).

Like my boys like Thomas the Train, her girls like Strawberry Shortcake! That means they like her a lot!

Here's a synopsis of the movie that came with the press release:
A sudden storm leaves Berry Bitty City with a gigantic problem. Strawberry Shortcake and her friends will have to move their whole tiny town unless they find a way to safely remove a huge boulder that threatens everything they hold dear. The storytelling Mr. Longface Caterpillar says he has an easy solution. Strawberry reluctantly agrees to follow him in an adventure-filled journey in search of his fabled Geyser Stone. When that journey ends in failure, Strawberry loses faith in herself. Can her friends restore her "Sky's the Limit" attitude to help lead them to save the town?

According to my coworker her girls are enjoying the movie. Her 3 1/2 year old is really enjoying looking at the brochure that came with the movie, and planning what toys she wants to add to her Berry Café collection next! Apparently they already have three of the toys that go with the movie.

If she gives me anymore feedback I'll update this post, but overall the impression I got is that if your kids love Strawberry Shortcake they will enjoy this movie!

The Strawberry Shortcake Movie: Sky's the Limit is available now!

Bonus: Here's the link to a coloring page you can print off!

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