Saturday, October 11, 2008

Welcome to my review blog!

Yup, I've jumped on the bandwagon. But I have a good reason for it.

I would do this on my regular blog but because I have BlogHer ad's I can't do reviews on anything that I am given that is worth more than $40.

A couple months ago I was contacted by Nathan at Legacy Publishing about the Total Transformation System. I was impressed because it was clear Nathan had actually looked at my blog and read some posts. He offered me a chance to check out the program and review it on my blog. If I liked it I could be an affiliate and make a little money if anyone bought it via my blog.

I talked to my husband about it, checked it out, and figured there was nothing to lose. I told Nathan that I'd review it, but I was going to be completely honest about what I thought. He pretty much said go for it, and sent me the program.

So I've had it for about six weeks now, and I'm finally taking the time to set up this blog and start reviewing it.

Stay tuned...

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